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No. Earnings of diffrent types of employees in India Converted into Rs./month
1. Average cost of employee* in Air-India Rs. 53,000
2. Average cost of employee* in MARUTI UDYOG Rs. 24,000
3. Average cost of employee* in the MUMBAI MUNICIPAL CORP. Rs. 16,000
4. Minimum starting salary in the FIRE Dept. in Mumbai Rs. 7,000
5. Average earning of an Indian - US$ 440 per year or about (This is based on a GDP of US$ 440 billion and 1 billion people) Rs. 1,727
6. Minimum earning required, as per WORLD BANK, to live at above poverty line, for underdeveloped countries like India, China etc, about US$ 1.0 per day or US$ 30 per month Rs. 1,410
7. MINIMUM WAGES, as per Government of India, for all the States, about Rs. 40 to 60 per day per person, average about Rs. 50 per day. For 25 days per month Rs. 1,250
8. POVERTY LINE definition, as per Government of India, see below for explanation, at Rs. 10 per day, per person, approx. Rs. 300
  Other related & relevant data In millions, people
9. Number of people, in India, who are below poverty line About 300 million (30 Cr.)
10. Number of people, in India, who work in the organized Public Sector, i.e. with the Central and State Governmen About 19 million (1.9 Cr.)
11. Number of people, in India, who work in the organized Private Secto About 8 million (0.8 Cr.)
12. Number of people, in India, who work in the unorganized Sector About 320 million (32 Cr.)
13. Number of people, in India, who are unemployed approximately About 300 million (30 Cr.)
14. Number of JOBS which need to be created every year, to fulfill the aspirations of the people of India About 10 million/yr. (1 Cr.)
15. Number of people BORN every year in India (China is only 10 million per yea About 27 million/yr. (2.7 Cr.)
16. Number of people, in India, who are below 35 years of age About 700 million (70 Cr.)

1. About us
The World Bank's definition of the poverty line**, for under developed countries, like India, is US$ 1/day/person or US $365 per year. As per this definition, more than 75% of all Indians are, probably, below the poverty line!
As per the Government of India, poverty line for the urban areas is Rs. 296 per month and for rural areas Rs. 276 per month, i.e. people in India who earn less than Rs. 10 per day. As per GOI, this amount will buy food equivalent to 2200 calories per day, medically enough, to prevent death. At this level of earning, even in a poor country like India, survival on Rs. 10 per day is a nightmare! This actually translates to Rs. 3650 per year or US $ 75 per year.
On what basis have our planners decided this definition of "Poverty Line"? Does it mean that the person will get enough food to stay alive? How and where is he or she supposed to cook it? What about the minimum needs in education, housing, health services, clothing,and other basic necessities? Are we supposed to live on pavements and sleep under trees from birth till death? YOU BE THE JUDGE!
The minimum wages in India, vary from state to state and city to city, and average Rs. 1000 - 1250/month or Rs. 12,000 - 15,000/yr. Or US $ 250 - US $ 300/yr. India's per capita is US $ 440 per year. (China's is US $ 990).
If India could provide Roads, Electricity, TV's and Telephones in every village, it would improve, education, health, family planning, agriculture, animal husbandry, GDP and reduce migration from vllages to cities.

*Cost of employee = salary & wages + all allowances including housing + perks + retirement benefits.

**1 million = 1,000,000 or 10 lacs. 1 lac = 1,00,000. 1 crore = 10 million = 1,00,00,000.

The only Constant in Life is CHANGE!

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